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My name is Martin Krol and I enjoy doing all things creative, so long as they are challenging as well. This website will focus on showcasing some of the works that I have helped in creating ( including personal works ), and photography. Photography is a fairly recent hobby which I use to find relief from the long hours that it takes to create sculptures/ images and the like. The other up side is that it also keeps me occupied during travels. Over the last several years I have worked and moved between the Film, Games and Commercial industries. A few film projects that I have paticipated in creating include:

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
The Fountain
Legend of the Black Scorpion (Ye/Yan/ Banquet )
The Last Mimzy

My mission is to focus on working on interesting projects. I enjoy sculpting and texturing a variety of subjects, whether it be character, background sets, props or product design.

In the past I have held a number of positions, Including the responsibility of being Lead Modeller
at “Technicolor | VFX”.

On the side I have helped a number of developers with general beta testing of their software, and guiding them on tool design. Developers include: Pixologic, Rocked3d, Luxology, and NeverCenter.

Should you have any questions, or work opportunities, dont hesitate to contact me at:


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